Catholic Life


 The purpose of a Catholic school is to educate the whole person. At St Bede’s our mission statement is:

Developing mind, body, spirit and community.

‘Living life to the full.’ John 10:10

By living out this mission statement in school we will ensure that we are also helping the Catholic Church in fulfilling its mission too.

At St Bede’s we do this in many ways. The curriculum we offer is designed to cover the intellectual, physical, spiritual and social aspects of our humanity. As such we give our children many opportunities to explore their faith and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Our children will take an active part in daily prayer, worship, meditation and liturgy.

Our local church is St Bede’s Catholic Church which is part of the parish of John XXIII. You can find details of this by following the link below. You will also find links to some of the activities and opportunities we offer.

Throughout the year we take part in many fundraising activities to benefit communities locally, nationally and internationally.

Christian Meditation:


Daily meditation forms an intrinsic part of our mission. All children and staff take part at least once a day and this gives an opportunity to be feel the presence of God and appreciate the present moment.


Collective Worship:

Our children take part in daily acts of collective worship. Some examples of the key prayers we say are:

collective worship


 Year of Oscar Romero:

During 2017 we celebrated the Year of Oscar Romero. He was the martyred Archbishop of El Salvador, who stood up for the rights of the poor in the local community.


Peace Garden:

A significant investment in our school environment has given us a beautiful, peaceful prayer space for use of all in our community.

peace garden

First Holy Communion and Reconciliation:

An essential part of developing as a Catholic is receiving the sacraments. A very special time in our lives is when we first receive the sacrament of reconciliation and then our first Holy Communion.

first holy communion


For children who have been through the difficult time of losing someone close to them or the pain of a family break up, this scheme gives the children a chance to cope with their loss and express their feelings in a safe environment.

rainbows room


Minnie Vinnies and Children’s Youth Ministry Coordinator:

A key group in each parish is the Society of St Vincent de Paul. This is a group which undertakes vital charity work in the local community. Our Minnie Vinnies give our children an early chance to make a difference in the lives of other people locally and further afield. We are very lucky to share Hannah Mitchell, our Ministry Coordinator who provides a vital link between our children and the local parish.

mini vinnies

School Council:

Our children are given the chance to represent their class via the School Council. These representatives are the voice of the children and play a key role in planning school developments as well as other fundraising events.

school council

Charitable events:

red nose day





Fair Trade